Well, every time when people ask us to introduce ourself, it is hard for us to come out the words. We love coffee. And we would like to spread to the world the passion we devout to the coffee. But the problem is, is this an introdcution?

Far from it, right? It is like the different of cooking a coffee for someone who don’t like coffee and someone has deep love into coffee. If you fall in love with coffee, the taste, the aroma, the makers, then just from the title we set for each article, you shall learn who we are. And we don’t need to introduce anymore.

But if you happened to be someone just walk by? Well, then you are also the one we want to convert into the coffee world? So why do we need to introduce ourself? It is not ourself that drives you into the world of coffee. It is the attractness of the coffee. We are just some decorators to expose the inner of the coffee.

Now, let’s coffee with us 🙂

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