Best Siphon Coffee Makers (Vacuum) for 2020 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Making a cup of siphon coffee is more like doing an experiment. You will need better equipment to achieve a better result. If your apparatus is not well designed, it will be hard for you to craft the right coffee.

Siphon coffee is more like an art. It will drive you crazy. Brewing a coffee with a siphon coffee maker is really a joy.

However, there are lots of Siphon Coffee Maker in the market. Picking up the right choice is tough. But don’t worry, we have already done the review for you.

Quick Overview of Our Favorites

ModelPriceSizeEditor Rating
Yama Glass Stovetop Coffee Siphon (Syphon)
Yama Glass 8 Cup Stovetop Coffee Siphon (Syphon)
Check Price20 oz, 32 oz4.80/5
Check Price34 oz4.80/5
Check Price34 oz4.90/5
Hario Technica Glass Siphon Coffee Maker
Check Price20 oz4.85/5

4 Best Siphon Coffee Makers – Reviews

Yama Glass Stovetop Coffee Siphon (Syphon)

Yama Glass 8 Cup Stovetop Coffee Siphon (Syphon)

If you are the first time experimenter of the Syphon Coffee Maker, and you don’t want to disappoint yourself with lots of money, the Yama Glass Stovetop Coffee siphone is the best choice. It is cheap but neat and compact.

The design of it is simple and easy to use. But you got what you have paid for. The glass of it is thin. You need to handle it with care. The seal may get loose in the future. However, as a starter for the siphon coffee, it deserves the money.

  • Good and rich taste
  • Enjoyable experience
  • High quality
  • Needs to handled with care since it is made of glass

Bodum PEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker

Bodum PEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker

The Bodum PEBO Vacuum Coffee Maker does not come with a burner. But it can be used on a gas or electric burner. It is a good bargain for the money if you already have a burner.

The filter of it is a plastic one instead of the normal cloth one, which makes it easy to clean. It may not filter well if the ground coffee is too fine. But with a little be coarse, it will do a great job for you.

Its build quality if quiet good. With the elegant design, it will be a beautiful apparatus in the kitchen.

  • Easy to clean
  • Elegant design
  • Rich taste
  • The plastic filter may not be useful for some people

KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

If you are struggling to make a cup of siphon coffee, this one is the best choice for you. Don’t need to struggle anymore. It is automated! Since it is automated, the coffee quality from this maker is so consistent. So you don’t need to worry anymore. Besides, it has a built-in heater, so it is easier for you to operate on.

However, it is expensive. If you are a sophisticated barista, this one may not be good for you. You can’t control the heating time and temperature. But for users who want to taste with the siphon coffee and don’t want to invest time for the guesswork, it is really a good bargain.

  • Easy to use for new users
  • Consistent brewing taste and flavor
  • Easy to clean since everything is stainless steel
  • Save time
  • Expensive when compared with other models

Hario Technica Glass Siphon Coffee Maker

The Hario Technica Glass Syphon Cofee Maker is a classic Japanese style coffee maker. What a Japanese style means is that you can tune everything you want. Everything detail you touch will be set in your coffee.

It is within the cheaper options, but better quality than other coffee makers. Thick glass and build quality. However, since it uses the alcohol as the burner, the time will take longer than the usual one.

  • Looks classy
  • If you are keen at Japnese style siphon brewing, this one is perfect
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Alcohol burner may heat slower

Buying Guide

If you are new to siphon coffee maker, here is a detailed guide for you the master this maker. However, if you just want to pick one and don’t want to read a long post of details, here is the short guide for you to start with.

Heating Source(Burners)

The burner of the siphon coffee maker makes a great difference for the coffee quality and also the complexity of the brewing process. You shall take care of this one before choosing the right one that fits your needs.

An alcohol burner will give you fine control over all the details of the heating process, though it is slow. Skilled Japanese barista loves alcohol burner the most.

A stovetop or electric burner will heat fast and you don’t need to wait for a long time. They are easier to use. Some automated siphon coffee makers even have a built-in burner.

It is up to you to choose the one you need.


Though the main body of the siphon coffee maker is made with glass, the sealer and other parts are not. Some of them are made from plastic and some from stainless steel.

Common sense is that stainless steel is better. And it is true. Fine CNC cutter will make it easier to seal firmly, without any leakage. The plastic one is also ok, but after a long time usage, it may not seal good as the new one.

You might worry about the glass. Thermal shock may make it broken. But this is an old-age story. Modern siphon coffee makers are made from heat resistant borosilicate glass. No need to worry anymore. But be aware of the cheap one. A cheap one will use thin glass, which is easy to break.


Filters are different for siphon makers. Some of them are plastic filters, some are stainless steel and some are cloth or paper.

Plastic and stainless ones are easy to clean but can only be used for coarse ground coffee. A fine one may ruin your coffee with grounds. A cloth one can filter fine ground coffee beans but to clean it, you need to take more care. A paper one, you drop it to the dust bin easily but may cost you extra money.

Final Words

If you are new to the siphon coffee maker, we recommend the KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer, it is super easy to use and the coffee quality is consistent. If you want to control everything, and fine brew your coffee, then Hario Technica Glass Siphon Coffee Maker is for you.


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