You Complete Guide to 4 Main Types Of Beans

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How many types of beans are available in the coffee realm? You may wonder. It is 4. But from 7 different countries. Each type has its own characteristics.

The roasting profile for each type of beans is different. As said in the bean roasting guide, it is because they have different quality and aroma. Blending them together will give you a balanced taste.

Now let’s dive in.

What is a Blend?

Beans have different own taste profile. To have the taste and flavor you like, you need to combine and mix them together. Getting only one type of beans in a coffee is not considered a good choice.

Main Types Of Beans


Arabica beans are the most popular beans in the coffee world. The consumption of Arabica beans is around 75%. Mostly, the aroma of the coffee comes from the Arabica beans. They are often considered as high quality and hard to grow. Hence, a higher price. Who doesn’t like aroma, right?

Arabica is mostly grown in Latin America, like Brazil, Colombia. But Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, and Uganda also have them grown. Their aroma and taste are different.

  • Brazil: low acidity.
  • Colombia: almost the same as Brazil.
  • Indonesia: taste pale when compared to Brazil and Colombia.
  • India: soft taste and high levels of acidity.
  • Ethiopia: not very strong and acidity is mild and pleasant.
  • Uganda: wine-like acidity.


Robusta is cheap and easy to grow. Hence has a low price. The quality of it is considered to be lower than the Arabica The Robusta beans have stronger “roasty” and “sulphury” odor. It accounts for 35% of the coffee production.

It has twice as much caffeine as Arabica. If you want more caffeine, get more Robusta into your blends. In the roasting industry, Robusta and Arabica often blend together to get a balanced taste.

Robusta is mainly grown in Africa and Indonesia. Due to the altitude characteristics in such areas, you will find their taste difference like what I have described in the Arabica part.


This kind of beans accounts for a very small part of the production of coffee beans. It is only grown in the Philippines. These beans have a floral and fruity aroma before making into the coffee. After making it into the coffee, it tastes like woody and smoky. You can blend some of it into the Arabica and Robusta to have a different taste.


These beans are only grown in Southeast Asia. Its flavor is tart and fruity. The production, as Liberica, accounts for only a very very small part of the world of coffee beans.


Like the roasting that we have discussed before, the blends of different type of coffee beans is also an art. Hence, you shall try different beans and mix to make your own coffee.


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